Pieter Leugenhagen - Future Entrepreneurship 2022

Pieter Van Leugenhagen



An all-round entrepreneur, public speaker and marketer with a penchant for immersive experiences. As co-founder and managing partner at yondr, Pieter spearheads immersive media across the globe. Yondr is an award-winning immersive media agency focusing on VR/AR, virtual worlds & digital experiences.

Pieter is a true immersive marketing evangelist, and a visionary strategist at that. He’s been at the helm of virtual reality entrepreneurship since 2014, successfully venturing beyond the gimmick by pushing boundaries and forging strategic partnerships.

Nowadays he’s also focussing, as one of the founders, on the launch of VRTL Academy. VRTL inspires and educates professionals, brands and enterprises about all things virtual and puts them on the right track towards the metaverse.

Pieter will share his inspiring talks on ‘How gaming, AR and VR are fast becoming the go-to gateway to the metaverse’


Tech & Innovation festival for students

Future Entrepreneurship is a 2-day Tech and Innovation festival for students.