Pieter Bruyland - Future Entrepreneurship 2022

Pieter Bruyland

Chief Information Officer

AB Inbev

Pieter has always had a passion for technology, and that love for innovation has positioned him well to lead in the New Normal and beyond when agility is at a premium, analytics are key, and the old ways of working are quickly falling by the wayside. Although he started as a developer, Bruyland isn’t just fascinated by the mechanics of new digital technologies, but also by the nearly limitless possibilities they promise. His desire to unleash the maximum potential in everything has led him on a path to optimise both the technologies and the workforce as CIO Europe for AB InBev.

For him, passion is everything, optimism is contagious and the future is coming at us quickly: businesses better adapt or get out of the way.

Pieter will be sharing his insights with an inspiring talk on the ‘Digital Transformation in Food Industry’.


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