Lex Hoefsloot - CEO at Lightyear

Lex Hoefsloot

Co-founder & CEO


Lex started his bachelor in Mechanical Engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology which he later on deepened with a masters in Automotive Technology. aLex, saw an opportunity to work on a challenging tech project next to his study and work on a project that could change the world.

He realized there was an opportunity to use the high tech ecosystem that existed around Eindhoven to get solar cars to a whole new level and so with his co-founder he started assembling a team.

With Lex filling the role of Team Captain, they recruited 20 students with which they worked a self-defined goal, which involved technical but also funding challenges to build Stella, the car that would ultimately go on to win the World Solar Challenge in 2013.

After leading the student team, Lex and the other founders realized the potential of the concept and technology that they had for Solar Team Eindhoven. Not wanting to work for a company without purpose and combined with a “we are going to regret it if we don’t do this”-attitude, they started Lightyear.

Today, Lex is co-founder and CEO at Lightyear. He raised 90+ million in 2021 to build the Lightyear One, a long range solar electric vehicle with an exceptional range. Curious to see it? Great news, you can explore it at FE22!


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